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  • Brokerage Fee for for each 1 Lac buy & sell will be Rs. 20/- Only
  • Your Profit limit may vary from 10 times to 50 times, depending upon your investment.

Why Choose Us


Safe and secure

With ForexPro, you can be sure your trading skills are matched with excellent service with secured & fast deposits and withdrawals, local payment methods, and more.


Smooth Execution

With 15+ years of excellence and innovation, we provide high-quality access to financial markets, through our advanced execution model to give the best experience of trading.


Easy to Use

Sometimes investing can be complicated and confusing, ForexPro breaks down the complexities of investing with intuitive tools that add efficiency and simplicity.


24/7 Support

A team of professionals are always online in ForexPro to assist you & provide support for any query related our panel and trading doubts. Feel free to contact us anytime

Our team of Senior Financial Advisors makes trading easy for you!

Category A

Accuracy of 97.80%

Category B

Accuracy of 86.30%

Category C

Accuracy of 60%


  • Starter


    • Min. possible deposit: 25,000/-
    • Max. Possible deposit: 69,000/-
    • Minimum Profit: 700-900
    • Advisor Charges: 15% of the profit
  • Basic


    • Min. possible deposit: 70,000/-
    • Max. Possible deposit: 1,24,000/-
    • Minimum Profit: 3000-4000
    • Advisor Charges: 12% of the profit
  • Advance


    • Min. possible deposit: 1,25,000/-
    • Max. Possible deposit: 1,99,000/-
    • Minimum Profit: 6000-7000
    • Advisor Charges: 10% of the profit
  • Pro


    • Min. possible deposit: 2,00,000/-
    • Max. Possible deposit: 2,99,000/-
    • Minimum Profit: 12000-13000
    • Advisor Charges: 7% of the profit
  • Pro Master


    • Min. possible deposit: 23,00,000/-
    • Max. Possible deposit: Unlimited
    • Minimum Profit: 150,000-300,000
    • Advisor Charges: 5% of the profit


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Maanik Singh

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"I loved this website, it has made my investing more easy and safe. ForexPro is one of the best trading website, great work done by the team."


Trading in 3 Simple steps

within few simple steps you are ready to invest through ForexPro

1. Apply

Apply for ForexPro Account with your registered ID

2. Get Data

Get real time Financial markets to Analyze your investment

3. Deposit & Trade

Start investing & Trading with ForexPro Panel

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